Sustainable Bamboo Knit Fabric
Handmade & Stitched Mattress Topper
Gel-Infused Cooling Foam
Pure New Zealand Joma Wool
Elastic Straps
Mattress Topper In All Sizes

College Mattress Topper


We combined the best ingredients to make DormTopper one of the top-rated mattress toppers on the market. A full two inches thick, it’s based on a core of body-contouring, high-density gel foam. We’ve also added a generous layer of New Zealand wool to wick away moisture and facilitate air flow. Finally, we cover it all with super soft, breathable bamboo fabric that’s specifically designed to stand up to college living. Made by hand and backed up with a full 5-year warranty. 


Sleep better. Study better.

The Best in College Mattress Toppers 

DormTopper Features

Sustainable Bamboo Knit Fabric
Sustainable Bamboo Knit Fabric makes for an ideal silk-like, quilted surface for your college mattress topper. Also, chosen with durability in mind, it’s naturally antibacterial and moisture absorbent.
Pure New Zealand Joma Wool
Pure New Zealand Joma wool creates an ideal micro-climate under the sheets, adding breathability and wicking away moisture. Did you know it’s also naturally hypo-allergenic, mold, and odor-resistant?
Gel-Infused Cooling Foam
Gel-infused cooling foam adds dense cushioning and support atop even the hardest surfaces. Rest assured, it’s soybean-based and CertiPUR-US certified.
Handmade & Stitched Mattress Topper
Handmade and stitched in our Beloit, Wisconsin factory, we inspect every mattress topper for perfection before it ships ot directly to your door.
Elastic Straps
Elastic straps to hold it in place and added support.
Mattress Topper In All Sizes
Now DormTopper comes in all sizes, so no matter the dorm room bed size, we'll make it!

Made to last beyond college life.

DormTopper, our college mattress topper, is the result of everything we’ve learned from customers who buy our Beloit mattresses. Our mattresses and toppers are assembled by hand at our factory in Beloit, WI, which means nothing but the highest quality materials go into every product we make.

Hand-made, at the time of order.
Hand-made, at the time of order.
Free FedEx, to your front door.
Free FedEx, to your front door.
5-year warranty. Coverage beyond college life!
5-year warranty. Coverage beyond college life!

Sleep deeper. Live lively.

The Ultimate In College Mattress Toppers

Weight 7 lbs
Dimensions 14 x 14 x 14 in

Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, Cal King


DormTopper is a multi-needle lock stitched quilt, just like the top of a premium mattress. The quilting holds the bamboo fabric, wool, foam, and backer together. We even put elastic straps on both ends to hold the topper in place on your mattress! Our mattress pad is then finished with a tapered edge, again, just like a premium mattress.

Top Layer: Bamboo Fabric

  • Rayon/Polyester blend fabric
  • Rayon made from Bamboo
  • Circular knit (3 layers – a surface, fill, and back)

Middle Layer: Pure Joma Wool

  • 1.75 ounces per square foot
  • Made in New Zealand

Middle Layer: Gel-Infused Foam

  • 1″ gel-infused poly foam
  • Certipur certified
  • Made in the USA

Bottom Layer: Cotton-Blend Fabric

  • Caromar white
  • 70% polyester
  • 30% cotton
  • Made in the USA




Keep the DormTopper as clean as possible. We recommend using a mattress protector and/or cover over the topper and your bed.

The DormTopper can be placed out in the sun for a few hours top side up. The sun’s UV rays will activate the natural lanolin in the wool to self-deodorize. Fabric deodorizing spray (e.g. Febreeze) can also be used to deodorize. Do not wash the DormTopper, neither by hand nor by machine.

Finally, on an annual basis, you should rotate the topper end for end.




We offer the following DormTopper sizes:

Twin (38 x 74.5)
Twin XL (38 x 79.5)
Full (53 x 74.5)
Queen (60 x 80)
King (76 x 80)
Cal King (72×84)

*custom sizing is available*


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