Beloit Beginnings

To understand how we created our new mattress topper, DormTopper, it’s important to tell the Beloit Mattress Company story. For over 80 years, we have been hand-making mattresses at our factory in Beloit, Wisconsin. Owned and operated by the Poppie family since 1954, we are truly a family business that takes great pride in passing down our legacy of quality from one generation to the next.

Mattress Topper Innovation

The DormTopper is a direct result of our decades of experience in the mattress making industry, which has provided us the expertise to address common pitfalls in lesser quality mattresses. Dorm mattresses, for example, are designed to be rugged and stand up to wear and tear, but that doesn’t necessarily translate into comfort (or cleanliness). That’s why we created our hybrid gel mattress topper, to bring luxury mattress comfort to every college student.


Introducing DormTopper

DormTopper was specifically designed to complement the strengths and weaknesses of dorm mattresses. Through a unique combination of New Zealand wool, soy-based gel memory foam, and a bamboo quilted surface, we have created what many are calling the most comfortable mattress topper for any climate or mattress. We truly believe we’ve developed the best mattress topper on the market today, and look forward to helping every college student get the great sleep they need to dominate each class, every semester.

DormTopper by Beloit Mattress Company

The comforts of home, at college. Get your DormTopper today!